6 Things You Need to Know About
Christopher Davenport and Galloping Pictures

1. Christopher only works with people who are serious about making an effective video. Please do not contact him if your main concern is price. Only contact him if you're looking for an incredible value and a professional video.

2. Christopher rarely takes unscheduled calls; the best way to contact him is through email. (Once you become a client, you will get an exclusive phone number to reach him.)

3. Galloping Pictures' nonprofit and charity video department is now located at 501Videos.com.

4. Sample videos are located at 501Videos.com. If you want samples of TV Commercials, Product videos, or Specialty videos please email Christopher directly and explain what type you want to make. Only after he talks with you will specific samples be made available.

5. Christopher is a family man with a wife and two children. He is extremely dedicated to them. This same type of dedication spills over to his clients.

6. Working with Christopher is fun...seriously, it is!